30-April-2024 - Release Notes

🚀 April 2024 Release Notes

New Features

  1. Auto Assign for Round Robin Chat Distribution:

    • Automatically distribute incoming chats among available agents based on their current workload and availability.

    • Ensure balanced distribution to avoid agent overload.

    • Real-time updates and notifications for agents.

  2. Auto-Close Inactive Customer Conversations:

    • Automatically close conversations after a specific period of inactivity.

    • Send an automated closure message to customers before closing.

    • Update the conversation's disposition status to "Auto Resolved."

  3. SLA Settings for Customer Support:

    • Set and manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for different types of customer inquiries.

    • Alerts and notifications for agents about approaching SLA deadlines.

    • Comprehensive reporting and analytics for SLA compliance.

  4. After Call/Chat Work (ACW):

    • Automatically start a timer for ACW once a call or chat session ends.

    • Provide an interface for entering notes, scheduling follow-up tasks, and updating CRM records.

    • Track and report on ACW duration for efficiency improvements.


  1. Enhanced Workflow Automation:

    • Fix for retrieving missing contact info (name, email, address, phone) after running auto-assigned and auto-closed automation workflows.

  2. Wrap Up Form Enhancements:

    • Bind notes, tags, and disposition in CX logs.

    • Retrieve note & tags from case log to wrap-up form for better synchronization.

  3. Snippets Module:

    • Auto-select the first row in Use Snippets.

    • Add keyboard navigation (up/down arrow keys) and enter key event for selecting snippets.

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