Inbound Chat Handling

This tutorial will guide you how to handle Inbound Chat from Start to Finish

Step 1 - Inbound Chat Receive

All new inbound chats will be received in "Unassigned" Tab as below.

Step 2 - Assign to me

Click Assign to me to handle the Inbound Chat and reply to the customer.

Step 3 - Write Chat Notes & Tags

To enhance the efficiency of customer query collection, our platform allows users to take detailed notes and apply relevant tags. This valuable information can be later accessed by supervisors and team members to facilitate personalized customer experiences during future interactions. By leveraging these recorded insights, your team can deliver tailored and insightful responses, ultimately elevating the overall quality of customer service.

Step 4 - Resolved

After agent successfully completes the conversation, the agent needs to click "Resolved" or another status according to the message room type.


Interaction between Customer & Agent is automatically recorded with a Case ID. You can view all history in CX Log Table

For More Information related to Calls, you can view following reports

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