Inbound Call Handling

This tutorial will guide you how to handle Inbound Call from Start to Finish

Step 1 - Inbound Call Receive

If Agent is available state, you will receive Inbound Call like this.

Step 2 - Automatically Open Customer Profile

When you Answer the call, it will automatically open customer profile. You can see all previous customer call history, ticket history, & all CRM Contact Details in single page.

Step 3 - Write Call Notes & Tags

In order to properly collect customer query, customer can write down notes and create Tags. These data can be review by supervisor or any other team members for future calls in order to provide personlized customer experiences.

Step 4 - Set Call Result

After Call End, Agent can set call outcome such as Resolved, Follow Up, Transfer, Escalated or any data.

This information helps the contact center and its management to understand the nature of customer inquiries, measure the effectiveness of support, and identify areas for improvement.


Interaction between Customer & Agent is automatically recorded with a Case ID. You can view all history in CX Log Table

For More Information related to Calls, you can view following reports

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