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This guide explain about how our Chat Analytics Dashboard works!

Dashboard Parameters

Customers Dashboard

The following table lists the related parameters for Chat Analytics Dashboard


New Customers

Total New Customers that we receive across all chat channels

Existing Customers

Total number of existing customers

Message Status


Total Rooms

Total numbers of chat rooms received

Unassigned Opened Rooms

Total numbers of chat rooms waiting in the queue

Closed Rooms

Total numbers of chat rooms that are handled by agents and succesfully resolved & closed

Assigned Open Rooms

Total numbers of chat rooms that are currently handling by the agents

Average First Response Time

the average amount of time it takes for a customer to receive the first response after initiating contact with a customer support agent. This metric is commonly used to assess the efficiency and responsiveness of a contact center in addressing customer inquiries or issues.

Average Resolution Time

The average amount of time it takes for a customer issue or inquiry to be resolved from the moment it is first reported through a chat conversation. It measures the efficiency of the support team in addressing and resolving customer problems in the chat channel.

Incoming Chat Rooms

Percentage of Incoming Chat Rooms from across all channels

Message Dispositions

Classification or categorization of the outcome of a chat interaction between a customer and agent

Incoming Message Analytics

Total Incoming Message Heat Map

The volume of messages received in our contact center on an hourly basis over a 24-hour period. This intuitive representation allows users to quickly identify peak message times and patterns, facilitating efficient resource allocation and ensuring timely response to customer inquiries. The visual insights provided by the heatmap contribute to effective decision-making and enhance overall operational efficiency in managing contact center activities.

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