24-Jun-2024 - Release Notes

Release Notes: Wrap Up Form Features

New Features and Enhancements

  1. Wrap Up Timer Configuration

    • Super Admin Control: Super Admins can now configure the wrap-up timer in the general settings. The wrap-up form will display according to the set seconds.

    • Auto-Save Functionality: The wrap-up form now auto-saves every 5 seconds, ensuring no data is lost.

  2. Pre-filled Data

    • Notes and Tags: Notes and tags recorded during the call are automatically populated in the wrap-up form when it opens.

  3. Call End Form Replacement

    • Wrap Up Form Display: The old call end form will no longer appear. Instead, the wrap-up form will be displayed, capturing the wrap-up duration.

  4. CX Log Table Integration

    • Wrap Up Duration: The wrap-up duration is now recorded and displayed in the CX log table and the exported Excel file.

    • Analytic Dashboard: Call end results and counts are accurately reflected in the analytic dashboard.

  5. Prevent Incoming Calls During Wrap Up

    • Call Handling: New incoming calls are prevented when the agent is editing the wrap-up form, ensuring uninterrupted completion.

Bug Fixes

  1. Failed to Upload Wrap Up Form

    • Addressed issues where the wrap-up form failed to upload due to missing customized fields in the case log.

  2. Tags Selection Issue

    • Fixed the problem where tags could not be selected in the wrap-up form.

  3. Sync with Telephony Case Log

    • Ensured that the Telephony Case Log is in sync with the wrap-up form state, retrieving notes and tags accurately.

  4. Wrap Up Duration for Agent Transfers

    • Corrected the wrap-up duration display for agent-attended transfers in the CX logs and export files.

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