30-May 2024 - Release Notes

📢 May 2024 Release Notes

🚀 New Features & Enhancements

  1. Add Line UID in Contacts: Now you can add Line UID to your contact profiles for better identification.

  2. CX Logs Enhancements:

    • Added closed date and time.

    • First response date and timestamp tooltips.

    • Resolution date and timestamp tooltips.

  3. Chat History: View the entire chat history by scrolling with a command.

  4. Inbox Page:

    • Search by "Case ID".

    • Filter by status.

    • Display "Case ID" text in "Started On..." and "Closed by...".

  5. Supervisor Functions: Supervisors can now change the status of cases.

  6. Message Module:

    • Added "Close" button for Send Tagged Message chatroom.

    • Fixed duplicate chatroom issue in Messenger.

  7. Mail Module:

    • Added previous "To", "From", "Cc" & "Bcc" email addresses for Reply and Reply All.

    • Fixed issues with the send button for Reply, Reply All, and Forward.

    • Improved email integration and display.

    • Added mail under Inbox for incoming emails.

    • Added deleted channel list for email channels.

    • Enhanced email screen visibility and functionality.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  1. Mail Module:

    • Fixed issues with receiving incoming mail.

    • Resolved blocker bugs preventing the email screen from showing on UAT/QA tenants.

    • Fixed duplication of emails in "To" and "CC" fields.

    • Ensured BCC email addresses are shown in Participants for incoming mail.

  2. Contact Module: Fixed retrieval of contact customized fields data type (Date, Select).

  3. Message Module: Fixed the display of the Close button in Message channels.

🔧 Technical Updates

  1. Facebook Integration:

    • Real-time hooks for created/updated/deleted comments.

    • Improved handling of Facebook comments and posts.

    • Enhanced agent capabilities for managing Facebook comments.

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