CX Interaction Log

All Customers Interactions from all channels between Agent & Customers will logged as Case. All these Case will be showing in CX Interaction Log Table

Report details


Case ID

All converations between agents & customers will record as Case ID


Customer Profile associated to that Case

Contact Label

If contact label is associated, it will show here. "For Example, VIP Customer"


Channel Name will show here (Voice or Non-Voice)


For Voice Channel, Queue Name will show


Assigned agent associated to this Case ID


Inbound or Outbound

Start Date / Time

Exact Date / Time of when customer or agent initiate the call or chat

Handled Time

Total Duration of the case

First Response Time

Total duration that customers waited before agent reponse. It can assume as Customer Waiting Time alternatively


Call Recording Audio File (Only show in Voice Channel)


classification of the outcome of a customer interaction or contact. When an agent completes a conversation with a customer, they typically log the result or disposition of that interaction for tracking and analysis purposes. This information helps the contact center and its management to understand the nature of customer inquiries, measure the effectiveness of support, and identify areas for improvement.

Dispositions can vary based on the goals and requirements of the contact center, but they often include categories such as:

  1. Resolved: The customer's issue or question was successfully addressed and resolved during the interaction.

  2. Not Resolved: The issue or question could not be resolved during the interaction and requires further attention or escalation.

  3. Callback Scheduled: If the issue requires additional investigation or if follow-up is necessary, a callback may be scheduled for a later time.

  4. Escalation: The customer's concern was escalated to a higher level of support or management for further assistance.

  5. Customer Satisfaction: Some contact centers may include a disposition related to customer satisfaction feedback, indicating whether the customer was satisfied or dissatisfied with the interaction.

  6. Sales Opportunity: If the interaction involves sales or upselling, a disposition may be used to track potential sales opportunities.

  7. Technical Issue: This disposition is used when the customer's inquiry is related to a technical problem that requires specialized assistance.


Associated Tags Information


Notes recorded by Agent

Sentiment Score

Positive, Negative , Netural (Supervisor can choose 1 option)

CSAT Score

Supervisor can choose Satisfaction Score


SLA Conditions Meet - If agent's first response time is within 10 minute, SLA will meet Unmeet - If agent unable to handle case within 10 minutes, SLA will breach.

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