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Below features are we are currently working on it. If you have any features ideas, please let us know.

Some features & improvements that we are currently working on. Stay tune with us

Upcoming Improvements

Upcoming ImprovementsRelease Date

Stability & User Experience Improvement -We are currently working on to improve stability of real-time communications channels and building better UX Improvements

Q1 2024

Instagram Direct Messaging API -Currently improving Instagram Direct Messaging API

Jan 2024

Upcoming Features Road Map

FeaturesRelease Date

Localization (Thai) -we will add all menus, settings in Thai Language

Q1 2024

Facebook Comments -Agents can reply Facebook Comments

Q1 2024

WhatsApp for Business API

Q1 2024

Intelligent Chat Routing based on previous history, keywords, & campaign

Q2 2024

Outbound Broadcast Campaigns -Send Bulk Outbound Message to customer preferred channels at scale

Q3 2024

Instagram Comments -Agents can reply Instagram Comments

Q3 2024

TikTok Message -Agents can reply TikTok Messge

Q3 2024

TikTok Comments -Agents can reply TikTok Comments

Q3 2024

Mobile App

Q3 ~ Q4 2024

Want to try our upcoming features, just let us know. We will add give you early access

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